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Unifying communication, collaboration, security and mobility solutions since 1999


Our philosophy

Unified Communications is IceWarp’s sole focus and has been our raison d’être for over a decade. Built with the best features of communication, collaboration, security and mobility, IceWarp revolutionizes how organizations work and communicate.

We develop solutions capable of serving the entire spectrum of organizations – from small businesses, to enterprise, to multi-million user data centers – on the same scalable, secure and affordable platform.

IceWarp Unified Communications Server is the embodiment of over a decade of experience, and has transformed the way many of the world’s leading companies work, by re-defining the mobile workspace.

Technology Leadership

IceWarp has introduced many industry firsts that have become standards in communication, including:

  • First mail server to support TLS / SSL
  • First mail server with integrated webmail
  • First mail server to support One-Click Backup and Restore
  • First fully integrated multi-threaded anti virus
  • First fully integrated anti spam
  • First groupware solution with an API
  • First groupware solution based entirely on ODBC


In 1999, Jakub Klos began development of Merak Mail Server, the precursor to IceWarp Server. Highly regarded for its ease of use, price-to-performance ratio, exceptional stability and reliability, the product immediately drew global attention from ISPs and other international business.

IceWarp was founded in early 2001 and continues to garner respect within the industry and across every market niche. The same server can easily be used by SMBs, enterprises, data centers alike, delivering exceptional scalability as an organization grows.

Jakub Klos remains with IceWarp to this day, serving as both CTO and Lead Systems Architect.